Manage all referrals from 
one user friendly and 
comprehensive system.

Evaluate powerful real-time
analytics detailing referral
volume, placement rates
and patient payor mix.

Review detailed reports
and diagrams as well as
custom menus.


Aquila ReMIEAdmissions solution gives skilled nursing facilities the ability to track and manage all patient referrals within one comprehensive system and to connect with acute care, ACOs and other post acute care providers.

The ReMIEAdmissions Dashboards provide powerful real time analytics detailing referral volume, placement rates, and patient payor mix. Our adhoc report capabilities allow you to create and customize new reports as needed.

Aquila ReMIEAdmissions Dashboard provides reports and diagrams detailing referral volumes, placement rates, and patient-payer mix for each hospital as well as custom menus and views for office, clinical and management teams.

Aquila’s ReMIEAdmissions - Track all referrals from one system.

Innovative Solutions

Aquila MIS’s software solutions, consist of an innovative suite of healthcare focused software modules, which enable new technical functionality and dramatically improve communications among healthcare providers. Performance improvements include the ability to solidify the patient discharge process, streamline patient referral management and reduce patient readmission cases.