Automate pre-admission

Simplify the referral process
and get a “head-in-a-bed”

Eliminate bottlenecks
and redundancy.

Pre-screen patients on mobile
devices and communicate
in one place.


Skilled nursing facilities continue to depend on paper based pre-admission assessments. A great majority of pre-admission screenings are barely legible scribbles of information on a hospital demographic sheet or crude hardcopies of intake forms.

Frequently, the final decision rests on a busy director of nursing or the high demand administrator who have to sort through hundreds of pages of PHI. The revolving door of telephonic, text, and/or email communications between multiple stakeholders cause bottlenecks and redundancy. This results in loss of potential admissions and frustration amongst all stakeholders.

Aquila ReMIEPrescreening automated pre-admission screening solution simplifies the referral process, eliminating logjams and redundancy, all from the convenience of either a station or a mobile device.

 Aquila’s ReMIEPrescreening - Collaborative exchange of ReAdmission information.

Innovative Solutions

Aquila MIS’s software solutions, consist of an innovative suite of healthcare focused software modules, which enable new technical functionality and dramatically improve communications among healthcare providers. Performance improvements include the ability to solidify the patient discharge process, streamline patient referral management and reduce patient readmission cases.