Take advantage of a
fully customized care 
management solution 
tailored to your needs. 

100% mobile and compatible
with all operating systems.

One-stop for managing
transitions of care.

Vendor neutral
communication tools.

Streamlined data exchange.



Aquila ReMIETransitions offers a revolutionary solution that breaks away from the outdated, complicated and traditional discharge planning systems.

Aquila ReMIETransitions provides a one-stop-shop for all care management processes, integrating patient administrative process for skilled nursing facilities.

Aquila ReMIETransitions’ vendor neutral integrated communication tools streamline the exchange of patient data with virtually all other software systems, payers and skilled nursing facilities, without the need for third party tools, systems or fax servers.

Aquila ReMIETransitions - Streamline the exchange of patient data.

Innovative Solutions

Aquila MIS’s software solutions, consist of an innovative suite of healthcare focused software modules, which enable new technical functionality and dramatically improve communications among healthcare providers. Performance improvements include the ability to solidify the patient discharge process, streamline patient referral management and reduce patient readmission rates.