When patients are admitted to hospitals and care providers, communication is essential to helping patients get the care they need to recover and avoid unnecessary readmissions. Hospitals need the right tools to assess and address care needs for their patients in order to reduce unnecessary readmissions that cost millions of dollars to their organization.

Aquila iManageReAdmission (Hospital Re-Admission Reduction System), a HIPAA compliant, secure, cloud-based patient re-admission management solution that allows all healthcare providers the ability to exchange patient admission information within an authenticated centralized system.

This fully customizable solution was developed to notify and alert healthcare providers of potential chronic disease patients and their multi-month visits among local hospitals and post-acute providers.

The solution is not exclusively a hospital-based readmission reduction initiative, it’s an innovative health information exchange among care providers intended to monitor the patient’s continuum of care.

 Aquila’s iManageReAdmissions - Collaborative exchange of ReAdmission information.

Innovative Solutions

Aquila MIS’s software solutions, consist of an innovative suite of healthcare focused software modules, which enable new technical functionality and dramatically improve communications among healthcare providers. Performance improvements include the ability to solidify the patient discharge process, streamline patient referral management and reduce patient readmission cases.