Aquila Management Information Systems’ iManageReferrals patient management solution allows post-acute care facilities, home health and hospice agencies to track and manage all patient referrals within one comprehensive system.

Aquila’s iManageReferral is vendor neutral, which allows healthcare organizations to receive and respond to referrals from hospitals using any discharge planning systems or non-digital sources (Fax Machines) all aggregated in a centralized system.

Our goal is to level the playing field for all post-acute providers by granting faster and equal access to referrals. Unlike most other referral management systems in the market, Aquila’s iManageReferral patient management solution systematically registers and transfers all clinical data for the accepted referral to your patient management system.

Aquila’s iManageReferral Dashboard provides reports and diagrams detailing referral volumes, placement rates, and patient-payer mix for each hospital as well as custom menus and views for office, clinical and management teams.

Aquila’s iManageReferral Liaison Module extends referral access to liaisons in the field using a smart phone, tablet or laptop, allowing them to initiate a patient assessment for a received referral as well as review and respond to other referrals from their mobile device and once again all within one comprehensive referral system.

Aquila’s iManageReferrals - Track all referrals from one system.

Innovative Solutions

Aquila MIS’s software solutions, consist of an innovative suite of healthcare focused software modules, which enable new technical functionality and dramatically improve communications among healthcare providers. Performance improvements include the ability to solidify the patient discharge process, streamline patient referral management and reduce patient readmission cases.